There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. However, some women are sure that their romantic relationships are absolutely perfect and have no flaws. These ladies are not even aware of the fact that things they do on a regular basis can actually repel their partners. Here are 5 ways to turn a boyfriend off…

1. You don’t know how to keep house.

A man, especially one who is planning to get married and create a family, wants to meet a woman who is taught to keep house. After a long, busy day at work, every man wants to come back to a clean and comfortable place. He hopes that his wife will cook a delicious dinner and take care of him. Remember, a woman who can’t keep a perfect home or take care of husband and children is a great disappointment almost for every guy.

You don't know how to keep house.


2. You’re lazy.

Your partner doesn’t like that you lie on the couch and watch TV all day? If you’re lazy and spend most of your time doing nothing, be ready that one day your man will say “I am fed up!” Just imagine such a situation – every day he works from early morning till late evening, trying to make money for you both, while you spend your days chatting on social networks or talking on the phone with your friends. Do you think it is fair?

You're lazy.


3. You are trying to manipulate him.

A man recognizes very quickly when he’s being manipulated by a woman and … runs away from her! The truth is that guys don’t like to be under women’s thumb. They also can’t stand women who criticize them all the time. Dear ladies, be aware that men are not children anymore and they are not looking for mums in their wives. After all, all things have their limits, right?

You are trying to manipulate him


4. You’re unhappy.

If you are unhappy with yourself, your job, your life, your friends, it can be hard for you to find a partner. Why? Because even on a first date a man will subconsciously feel your negative mood. After a brief conversation with such a miserable girl, a guy will realize that all these complains will never end. As a result, he will be soon repelled. And his reaction is quite understandable – who wants to live with the eternal whiner?

You’re unhappy


5. You look very much like his mother.

Men are afraid of women who look like their mothers (in appearance or character). At the same time it is believed that a man is looking to marry a lady who is similar to his mum. This is actually true. The problem occurs when there is a striking resemblance between his girlfriend and his mother. The fact is that all men have an unconscious fear that their wives will turn into their mothers one day and will begin to control their behaviour. Guys truly are strange creatures!