66,000 biodegradable cups, 15,000 litters of coloured rainwater, 62 hours of meticulous work… Canadian artist Serge Belo successfully brought his creative and extraordinary idea to life — he built largest water mosaic in the world!

This artwork was not “art for art’s sake”. This ambitious project was intended to draw public attention to one of the most important problems — a lack of clean drinking-water on our planet.

Serge Belo’s optimism about this monumental artwork was justified — the talented artist has achieved a stunning result!

Serge Belo’s mosaic is 334 m² in size.


The artist used only natural colorants for water.
It took Belo and his assistants more than two days to finally finish this monumental masterpiece.

The image represents an unborn child in the maternal womb. Canadian artist wanted to emphasize that nobody can survive without water — even those living beings, who are not yet born.