Well, everyone has that friend who always seems to have a perfectly clean home. Even if you make a surprise visit — their homes are always in tip-top shape… How is that possible? Is it magic or what?
Of course not! If you want to keep your house neat and well-organized all the time, here are some good habits — stick to them and save your time and efforts.

1. Neat people vacuum almost all things in the house. Including dressers, curtains, lamps, coffee tables, mirrors, window sills, etc. Not only floors.



2. They make their bed every day. Made bed makes your room look more orderly. Good habit. It helps to start the day off right.



3. They unload their dishwashers each morning.
Try to find 15 minutes in the morning to unload the dishes. Thus, you don’t have to do this after a long busy day. So you can focus on dinner preparation.



4. They do their laundry on a specific day.
Create a laundry schedule so your family members will start putting their dirty clothes in laundry basket in a timely manner.



5. Neat people clean their refrigerators once a week.
Look into your refrigerator at least once a week with one simple goal: to throw out all the spoiled food and to remove all food particles and stains before mold will start to grow.



6. They spare no expense on baskets.
Baskets are a great way to keep different things organized and all in one place.



7. Neat people don’t procrastinate.
You brought something new from the store? Throw the package away — and do it today! Don’t wait for tomorrow to take out the trash!



8. Neat people keep their kitchen clean while cooking. It’s so easy. And it will save you a lot of time and nerves in the long run!



9. They are thinking about cleanliness before getting in bed.
Fold the blanket neatly and place it over the back of the sofa. Put the slippers under the bed neatly. Put dirty clothes in a laundry basket.
When you wake up the next morning, you will see that your house is clean. And you will start your day off in a much more relaxed mood.



10. They plan ahead
When they have run out of food, they know exactly what products they need to buy. And they go to the grocery store only on specific days. Not only can this good habit calm your nerves, but it can also prevent you from buying unnecessary things.



11. Neat people put their food on plates when they decide to eat in bed.
If you have an urge to eat a sandwich while watching TV, do it. But put your food on a plate first. Otherwise you will never get rid of all that crumbs in your bed and around it.



12. They do a general cleaning once every 2 weeks.
That means, you have to clean everything in your home: skirting boards, doors, curtains, windows, etc.; to organize things in drawers and so on. Simply create a house cleaning schedule and always stick to it. Otherwise you might want to postpone your cleanup!