Very few people know that just two bananas contain enough vitamins to boost immune system. Research has shown that bananas with brown patches on the skin can decrease the risk of getting cancer. Read on for 7 great reasons to start eating bananas…



1. Bananas help fight depression

If you want to protect yourself from depression, you should definitely include bananas into your diet. Eating bananas on a regular basis helps you beat the blues, so make this “sunny” fruit your best friend, especially in autumn and winter. Another interesting fact is that bananas contain the amino acid called ‘tryptophan’, which is converted to serotonin — the hormone of joy and happiness.
Bananas help fight depression

2. Bananas help control high blood pressure

Another great reason that you should regularly include bananas into your diet is the fact that bananas are very high in potassium. This essential mineral is known to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. If you suffer from high blood pressure, eat bananas every day and don’t worry about your heart.

3. Bananas can prevent anemia

Bananas are very efficient in anemia treatment. This yellow fruit contains an enormous amount of iron. Our bodies need this mineral in order to make hemoglobin and red blood cells.
Bananas can prevent anemia

4. Bananas can improve mood

If you are trying to boost your mood, bananas are probably the best choice. Why? This tropical fruit contains B-vitamins that help regulate blood glucose level and make you more relaxed. So next time you feel a terrible mood, eat a banana!
Bananas can improve mood

5. Bananas soothe stomach ulcers

People with ulcers have to monitor their diet and avoid certain types of foods. Luckily, bananas are allowed for them! Bananas help create a protective coating inside the digestive tract. It helps protect this part of the body against the effects of acid.
Bananas soothe stomach ulcers

6. Bananas help get rid of heartburn

This yummy fruit is natural and, at the same time, effective treatment for heartburn. After eating bananas you will immediately feel relief.
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Bananas help get rid of heartburn

7. Bananas can boost energy levels

Eat one or two bananas before a workout. This delicious and healthy snack will increase your energy levels and improve athletic performance. Vitamins and minerals found in bananas help prepare your body for physical activity while potassium helps prevent muscle cramps.
Bananas can boost energy levels