“If you want to lose fat, don’t eat after 18:00!” — Your friends tell you. If you’re trying to lose excessive pounds, eat more fruit — some people write on the Internet. Drink more water during a meal and you will eat less — you can hear from “experts” on TV. Unfortunately, all this dietary advice is bad. They don’t help you reduce weight. Moreover, all these recommendations can cause many health issues. Here are 7 common myths about losing weight.

Myth #1: Negative calorie foods (sauerkraut, ginger, asparagus, celery, etc.) can help you lose weight

Wrong! There is no one food on Earth that can by itself alone help reduce weight. If you want to stay fit, simply eliminate all factors that contribute to weight gain. There are about fifty such factors.

diet concept - healthy food

Myth #2: Drinking as much water as possible during a meal can help feel full faster

Many of us think that drinking lots of water during a meal can help our brains realize faster that we’ve eaten enough. But it’s far from the truth. In fact, you feel full not because you drink too much water while eating, but because of increased blood sugar level.



Myth #3: The last meal should be no later than 18:00

Find at least one person who has succeeded in losing weight by sticking to this rule. Of course, you can eat after 6 p.m. Just avoid any carbohydrates.



Myth #4: Diet rich in fruits might help lose excess fat

Sure, fruits are very healthy choice — they are packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins. But fruits also contain sugar. Some of fruits are very high in sugar. Mostly in the form of fructose.



Myth #5: Eating one meal per day might help reduce weight

Anyone who has ever dieted knows that it is not so difficult to lose weight — much harder to keep a new body weight stable. Only 5 percent of those who have reached the end of weight loss diet plan can keep a new weight within a year!



Myth #6: Sitting in sauna can help melt extra pounds

Physical activity is the only thing that helps reduce excess fat. What is more, it is should be an aerobic workout, i.e. a workout that performs with presence of oxygen.



Myth #7: Sugar substitutes can help you stay fit

At first glance, it seems quite simple: no carbohydrates – no excessive pounds. However, several studies have shown that sugar substitutes stimulate the appetite in a similar manner to sugar itself — and even better!