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Relationships & Family

8 Reasons Why We Need Close Relationships

As you look back on your life, what were the happiest moments? Probably, the best moments of your life were connected with people, right? People in close relationships have less health problems and tend to live longer compared to people with smaller social networks. People, who care for others, are happier than selfish people, who care only about their own happiness. #1. Close and deep relationships always add meaning and

Foods for a better orgasm

Food and sex are closely linked – certain kinds of food can make your orgasms longer and more powerful. Here are 10 best aphrodisiacs that will make you scream with pleasure… Honey Organic honey is a rich source of mineral called boron which increases testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone is responsible for libido and sexual desire both in men and women. Therefore, a jar of honey deserves a special

5 Things That Repel Men

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. However, some women are sure that their romantic relationships are absolutely perfect and have no flaws. These ladies are not even aware of the fact that things they do on a regular basis can actually repel their partners. Here are 5 ways to turn a boyfriend off… 1. You don’t know how to keep house. A man, especially one who is