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Crooked Forest: There is one mysterious forest in Poland which is characterized by very strange hooked pines.

This weird place is called “Crooked Forest”. It is considered one of the most unusual places in Central Europe. The unique forest is located in West Pomerania (Poland) and consists of approximately 400 oddly-shaped pines that are curved near the base at a 90-degree angle. According to a one theory, the pines were bent by people in 1930 when the trees were young. But still nobody knows who did it

20 True Facts That Sound Like Lies

Usually the opposite happens in our life: some things sound like true but are in fact fake. We have gathered some unbelievable and bizarre facts to share with you. Keep reading and you will learn many interesting things about life! 1. A butterfly has 12,000 eyes.   2. Mammoths were still alive when Egyptians were building their pyramids. 3. If there are 23 people in a room, there is a

23 Emotional Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

Thrilling photos strengthen our soul and help us to believe in ourselves, while heart-touching pictures make us smile and invite us to reflect on our own lives. Both kinds of images are united by one thing – they evoke genuine emotions that make us human!   100 000 Buddhist monks praying for peace on Earth. Thailand Source:   The touch of generations source:   Great shot Source:  

A huge mosaic picture composed of 66,000 paper cups with coloured water

66,000 biodegradable cups, 15,000 litters of coloured rainwater, 62 hours of meticulous work… Canadian artist Serge Belo successfully brought his creative and extraordinary idea to life — he built largest water mosaic in the world! This artwork was not “art for art’s sake”. This ambitious project was intended to draw public attention to one of the most important problems — a lack of clean drinking-water on our planet. Serge Belo’s