Are you happy with your current job? Does your workplace meet your expectations? Thinking about finding a new job, but not sure if it is the right time to leave? Here are 10 warning signs that you need to quit your job today!

1. You’re no longer learning

Challenges that you are faced every day at work are as like as two peas. You feel bored all the time. You find that your job is unbearable monotonous. Sounds familiar? So it might be a good idea to find a new, more interesting job.

You're no longer learning

2. You are not moving up the career ladder

Not at all! Not even a little bit! You have been working in the same position for the last two or three years. You know that there will be no changes in near future. It is definitely the right time to show your skills somewhere else!

You are not moving up the career ladder

3. Your work is extremely boring

In the morning you often dream of finishing your work and leaving the office earlier. This is a definite sign that your current job is not making you happy, so don’t hesitate and find a new job immediately.
Your work is extremely boring


4. You’re not appreciated at work

Just imagine such a situation. You have spent an entire night working, trying to complete the project on time. In the morning you feel tired and exhausted. Of course, you hope your boss will appreciate your great work… But your boss forget to say even “well done” or “thank you”. And so every time!

You're not appreciated at work


5. Your job position has changed, but your salary hasn’t

Perhaps your boss simply forgot to inform the account department that your pay had changed. Maybe he is sure that your salary is fair or thinks that you don’t deserve a salary increase.
Your job position has changed, but your salary hasn’t


6. You want to quit your job, but you’re scared to do it

You’re afraid of many things – changes, job interviewing, a new working environment, a new team and so on. If you realize that fear is the only thing that stops you from quitting, you’re halfway to finding your dream job. Just remember than fortune favours the brave!
You want to quit your job, but you're scared to do it


7. You have absolutely no time for yourself

No, we are not talking about entertainments and meetings with friends. We are talking about such elementary things like rest and taking care of your own health (8-hour of sleep, physical activities, daily strolls in the fresh air). Your health and well-being are far more important that your work obligations, right?
You have absolutely no time for yourself


8. You hate your boss, colleagues and even the furniture in your office

You don’t dream of career growth or personal development – you work only for the money. That means you experience constant stress and “kill” your health day after day.
“Not only you are suffering from work-related stress but members of your family are suffering as well,” says career expert Teri Hockett.


9. Your ideas are not being heard

You boss always says that all your ideas are crap. Maybe he is right… But if you know that he is wrong, you need to ask yourself: “Am I in the right place?”

Your ideas are not being heard


10. You know more than your boss

Despite that, your boss doesn’t appreciate your initiative as well as your knowledge and skills. He doesn’t listen to your advice. It is easy to understand that work under such supervision will bring you nothing but frustration. The best choice in such situation is to simply find a new boss!
You know more than your boss